Our showroom is filled with the finest collection of traditional porcelains and decorative accessories.  We offer a wide selection of floor lamps crafted from solid brass available in many finishes and styles. We have ready- made table lamps but we excel at making lamps to order from a piece chosen from our stock or supplied by the customer.  We stock hundreds of high quality lamp shades in a variety of sizes, shapes, and neutral fabrics. We display a selection of vintage and custom chandeliers and can order from many of the popular lighting brands.


We love to make lamps and chandeliers! Choose a vase or accessory piece from our collection or bring your own, we will work with you to create the lamp you envision. Have an idea for a fixture? Come in and see what we can do or just stop by and browse and see what we have created. We like to repurpose old and unusual objects and give them a new life.  We offer custom lamp shades made in your own fabric or choose from the wide selection of available swatches.


We have the ability to repair just about anything that has to do with lighting. In our fully equipped repair room, we can take care of everything from your simple repair needs to complex chandelier restorations. We do our best to give our clients all their options when it comes to repair. It might be as simple as replacing old parts that can no longer be repaired or completely remodeling a lamp so it can have a new life. Due to the fact that there are so many manufacturers, or the age of a piece, sometimes it can be a challenge. We will use all of our years of experience to give you the best possible solutions.

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